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biology professor

Masatoshi Nei, Japanese biology professor. Recipient International prize for Biology, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Tokyo, 2002, Barbara Bowman award, Texas Genetics Society, Austin, Texas, 2003.


Nei, Masatoshi was born on January 2, 1931 in Miyazaki, Japan. Came to the United States, 1969. Son of Tadashi and Masae (Kawasaki) Nei.


Bachelor of Science in Genetics, Miyazaki University, Japan, 1953. Master of Science in Quantitative Genetics, Kyoto University, Japan, 1955. Doctor of Philosophy in Quantitative Genetics, Kyoto University, Japan, 1959.

Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), Miyazaki University, 2002.


Postdoctoral in population genetics University California Davis and North Carolina State University, 1960—1961. Assistant professor Kyoto University, Japan, 1958—1962. Geneticist National Institute Radio.

Sciences, Japan, 1962-1965, head population genetics laboratory Japan, 1965-1969. Associate professor biology Brown University, Providence, 1969-1971, professor biology, 1971-1972. Professor population genetics University Texas, Houston, 1972-1980, acting director population genetics, 1978-1980, 86-87.

Distinguished professor biology, department biology Pennsylvania State University, University Park, 1990-1994, director Institute Molecular Evolutionary Genetics, since 1990, Evan Pugh professor biology, department biology, since 1994. Staff population genetics department University California, Davis, 1960, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, 1961. Member overseers committee Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1988-1994.

Member working group Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, 1994. Member DNA Forensic Science, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, 1994-1995. Visiting professor biology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, 2001.

Member advisory board Gene Geography, Rome, Italy, 1985-1987, Gene: Evolutionary Genomics, since 2004.



Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Academy Arts. and Science (International prize 2002). Member National Academy of Sciences (member editorial board Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, since 2003), Genetics Society of America (editorial board, Kihara prize, 1990, Thomas Hunt Morgan medal, San Diego, California, 2006), Society Molecular Biology and Evolution (president 1994), International Society Molecular Evolution, American Genetic Associate (president 1999), Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (council member 1992-1995), Japan Society Human Genetics (honorary member, award, 1977).


Married Nobuko Hara, April 25, 1963. Children; Keitaro, Maromi.

Tadashi Nei

Masae (Kawasaki) Nei

Nobuko Hara