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Member of the Bundesrat

Matthias PLATZECK, German Member of the Bundesrat.


PLATZECK, Matthias was born on December 29, 1953 in Potsdam.


Technical College, Ilmenau, biomedical cybernetics, 1974-1979. Academy for Medical Education, Berlin, post-graduate studies in Environmental Health, 1982-1987.


Founding Member, Potsdam Civil Initiative, ARGUS, April 1988. Founding Member and Speaker of Green League of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, November 1989. Committee Chairman, Environment and Nature Conservation Establishment, Deutsche Demokratische Republik, 1990.

Participator, Central Round Table, 1989-1990. Minister in Modrow’s Cabinet, 1990. Representative of Volkskammer.

Member of Bundestag; Member of Landtag, Brandenburg, October since 1990. Minister for Environment, Nature Conservation and Planning, Brandenburg Region, since 1990. Deputy Member of Bundesrat, since 1990.

Scientific worker. Institute of Air Hygiene, Chemnitz, 1979-1980. Director for Technology and Economy, District Hospital, Bad Freienwalde, 1980-1982. Head of Environmental Health Department, Potsdam Hygiene Inspectorate, 89.