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Matvei Genrikhovich Manizer


Matvei Manizer, USSR Sculptor.


Manizer, Matvei was born on March 17, 1891 in Petersburg. Brother of Genrikh Manizer, the famous ethnographer and linguist.


Graduated in mathematics from Petersburg University, 1914. Studied at Shtiglits Central School of Technical Drawing, 1908-1909, under V.Savitskii, then at the Academy of Arts, 1911-1916, under G.Zaleman and V.Beklemishev.


Participant in projects of monumental propaganda, 1920-1921 (Petrovskii Passage, Moscow). Member of the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia from 1926. Taught at the Leningrad Academy of Arts, 1921-1929, 1935-1941, 1945-1947.

Vice-president of the Academy of Arts from 1947. Sculptor of many busts of the leaders (Lenin, Chapaev, Kuibyshev, Zoia Kosmodem’ianskaia). Decorated the Revolution Square and Izmailovskii Park tube stations in Moscow.