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STRONG, MAURICE FREDERICK was born on April 29, 1929 in Oak Lake, Manitoba, Canada.


Oak Lake High Sch, Manitoba, Canada


Secretary-General, United Nations Conference on Environment & Development, United Nations since 1990. President, World Federation of United Nations Associations, Geneva. Chairman of the Council, World Economic Forum.

Executive Coord, United Nations Office(s) for Emergency Operations in Africa, 1985-1986. Chairman, Canada Development Investment Corporation(s), Vancouver, 1982-1984. Director, Massey Ferguson.

Director, Vice Chairman, Canada Development Corporation(s), Toronto, 1981-1984. Chairman, International Energy Development Corporation(s), Geneva, 1980-1983. President, Chairman of Board, Petro-Canada, 1976-1978.

Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, 1973-1975. Secretary-General, United Nations Conference on Human Environment, Under-Secretary-General, United Nations, 7072. Director-General, International Development Assistant Program, 1966-1970.

Alternate Gov for Canada, World Bank, 1966-1970. President, Executive Vice President, Power Corporation(s) of Canada, Investment Analyst, James Richardson & Sons, 1948-1966.


Spouse Hanne Marstrand, National of Denmark.