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Max David STEUER


Max David STEUER, economist in the field of General Economics; Economic Studies of Developing Countries; International Trade Theory.


STEUER, Max David was born in 1930 in New York City, New York, United States of America.


Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts Columbia University, 1954, 1955.


Lector, Senior Lector, London School of Economies and Political Science, London, United Kingdom, 7,1967-1972. Economics, United Kingdom National Economics Development Office, 1962-1964. Economics, Economics Research Group, United Kingdom Board Trade, 1964-1966.

Project Director, United Kingdom Department Trade and Industry, 1967-1970. Visiting Professor, University Pennsylvania, 1969. Professor of Economics, University Ghana, 4.

Reader Economics, London School of Economies and Political Science, London, United Kingdom, London, England, since 1972.


Almost every area of economics is of interest to me and to compound the problem, I am particularly interested in interactions between economics and other social sciences. I am often struck by the analytical similarity between areas and also by the extent of interdependence. It is both a strength and a weakness of economics that it offers explanations largely without reference to the history or the culture of the people whose economic life is being explained.

It manages to do this by relying too much on traditional maximising theory. I am interested in bringing something else to bear in addition to conventional rationality. The trick is to make that ‘something’ analytically tractable.

At the moment, evolutionary economic theory seems to me to offer some hope. Without knowing exactly how to achieve it, I like the idea of economics having empirical content. I also think it should be of potential policy use.

In very small and indirect ways my work has reflected this stance.