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Maya Mikhaylovna PLISETSKAYA


Maya PLISETSKAYA, Prima ballerina at USSR Academy Bolshoy Theater, Moscow. Since 1943; Popular Artist Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1956 and of USSR 6. 1959. Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1959.


PLISETSKAYA, Maya was born in 1926 in in the Mcsserer family, from which came the outstanding dancers, Asaf and Sulamif Messcrer.


1943 finished Moscow Ballet School.


Has played: Masha in “Shchelkunchik” (The Nutcracker). Title role in “Raymonda”. Odette and Odile in “Lebedinoe ozero” (Swan Lake).

Zarema in “Bakhchisaraysky fontan” (The Fountain of Bakhchisaray). The Girl Tsar in “Konekgorbunok” (The Unicom). Aurora in “Spyashchaya krasavitsa” (Sleeping Beauty).

Title role in “Laurentsiya”. Quitri in “Don Quixote”. 1953 toured India, where she studied under the wellknown dancer, Choudri.

1959 toured United States of America, Canada, China. At Prague and Budapest World Youth Festivals, 1947 and 1949. 1960 at Helsinki Ballet Festival.

1961 performed in Cairo. Appears in films.