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Men Len Loe Edit Profile

also known as Jao Meng-jen

Lawyer , public official

Dr. Loe Men Len was a Chinese government official who devoted his career to national service on various positions including Senior Secretary of the Board of War, Sectional Chief of the Law Department of the Imperial Cabinet. He was also Secretary to the President in 1912.


Dr. Loe Men Len was born at Nanchang Hsien, Jiangxi province, China in 1882.


When a mere youth Dr. Loe was noted as a scholar. At the age of 13 he became a Licentiate. In 1902 he passed the Provincial Competitive Examination winning the degree of Chu Jen and in the year following he became a Metropolitan Graduate of Chih Shih which is equivalent to Doctor of Philosophy.


Subsequently Dr. Loe was made Junior Secretary of the Board of Works holding the rank of Taotai. In 1903 he was sent first to Japan and then to England to study Law. He graduated with the degree of B. A. from Lincoln’s Inn and London University. Before returning to China, Dr. Loe served as Third Councilor to the Chinese Legation in London.

Upon his return to China he attended the Examination by the Board of Education and obtained the honorary degree of Han-lin Compiler. The first appointment Dr. Loe received then was Second Class Secretary to the Board of War. Very soon he was promoted to be Senior Secretary of the same Board. Sometime afterwards he was transferred to the Law Department of the Imperial Chancery or Cabinet, first as a Sectional Chief and then as a Counselor.

Following the outbreak of the First Revolution in October 1911 Dr. Loe was elected a senator of the Nanjing Provisional Assembly. In 1912 Dr. Loe became Secretary to the President. During Yuan Shih-kai’s term, he held many positions as in the Compilation Bureau in the Cabinet, Councilor of the Law Bureau in the State Department, Assistant Examiner of the Magistrate Examination and Legal Councilor to the President.