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BARTOLO, MICHAEL was born on May 21, 1939 in Mosta, Malta.


University of Malta, 1960-1964, Bachelor of Arts Economic, English & History. University of New Hampshire, 1966-1968, Master of Arts Economic. Graduate Faculty, New School for Socl Rch, New York, 1969-1976, Doctor of Philosophy Economic.

Spoken languages: English, Maltese, Italian, French.


Deputy Director, Policy, Programming & Development Planning Division, Department of Technical Cooperation for Development, United Nations since 1991. Advisor to the President of the 45th Session of the General Assembly, United Nations, New York, 1990-1991. Chief, Country Programming & Evaluation Branch, Department of Technical Cooperation for Development, New York, 1990-1991 & 1985-1987.

Chief, Policy Coordination Branch, 1987-1990, Chief, Policy Development & Coordination Section, 1979-1984, Senior Programme Coord, Policy Coordination Branch, 7879, Department of Technical Cooperation for Development, New York. Teaching/Rch Assistant, University of New Hampshire, United States of America, 1966-1968. Director, National Student Travel Service, University of Malta, 1962-1966.

Master of English, Education Department, Government of Malta, 1962-1966.


  • Other Interests

    International trade and finance. Technical cooperation: planning, management, monitoring and evaluation. Sports; music; travel.


Spouse Susan, National of United States of America.