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Michael John ARTIS


Michael John ARTIS, economist in the field of Economic Fluctuations; Forecasting; Stabilisation and Inflation; Domestic Monetary and Financial Theory and Policy; Balance of Payments; Mechanisms of Adjustment; Exchange Rates. Research Fellow, Centre Economics Policy Research, London, United Kingdom, since 1984.


ARTIS, Michael John was born in 1938 in Croydon, Surrey, England.


Bachelor of Arts University Oxford, 1959.


Assistant Research Officer, Oxford University Institute, Institution Economics and Statistics, 1959-1963. Lector, Senior Lector, Adelaide and Flinders Universities, S. Australia, 1964-1967. Senior Research Officer, Review Editor, National Institute of Economie and Social Research, London, United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom, 1967-1972.

Professor Applied Economics, Swansea University College, 1972-1975. Professor of Economics, Manchester University, United Kingdom, since 1976. Assistant Editor, Editor, National Institute, Institution Economics Review, 1967-1972.

Managing Editor, Manchester School of Economic and Social Studies, since 1975.


  • Research Fellow, Centre Economics Policy Research, London, United Kingdom, since 1984.


My central interest has always been, as it still is, in macroeconomic policy. This is a big field, implying parallel interests in macroeconomic theory, forecasting and modelling, policy design, the measurement of policy effects and the institutional setting of policy formation. Over a period of time, the balance of my interests in these areas has tended to shift from the less formal towards the more technical aspects of the subject matter, though not with any clear intention that the former were undeserving of further pursuit.

In fact, it is a current intention of mine to attempt to redress the balance somewhat by revisiting some of the themes raised in my first monograph on The Foundations of British Monetary Policy, where the historical and institutional setting of monetary policy formation was given pride of place.