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Michail Fisenko Edit Profile

also known as Michail Konstantinovich Fisenko

University educator


1953 Fisenko graduated from Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute, pedagogical faculty, specialty "Finance". He has the qualification of college teacher.

From 1957 till 1960 Fisenko studied at graduate school at Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute.

PhD (since 1962). Doctor of Economics (since 1981). Professor (since 1983).


After graduation from university Fisenko led teaching at Semipalatinsk financial college.

Since 1960 Fisenko has been working at Belorussian State Institute of National Economy (Belorussian State Economic University).

Fisenko held the positions of lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor. During the period of 1964-1972 he was Associate Dean of the Department of Finance and Statistics.

1980 he became a professor of the Department of Finance.

During the period of 1984-1986 Fisenko worked as a Professor of Finance at Kamagueysk State University (the Republic of Cuba). From 1987 till1992 he was a Head of the Department of Finance at Belorussian State Institute of National Economy (Belorussian State Economic University).

a member of the Board of BSEU, a member of the Council of the Department of Economics and Finance. Fisenko was the expert of WAC USSR and the Republic of Belarus, he was the Chairman of the Union of University, chairman and member of the Boards of a number of Universities. Currently he is involved in the certification commission of the Council of BSEU. He is a member of the Editing and Publishing Council of the University and methodical commission FFBD.

Fisenko is the author of more than 100 published works including three monographs, five brochures, 12 tutorials and manuals.


  • book

    • Finance Agricultural Enterprises And Associations:

    • Profit and Profitability Collective Farms

    • Financial System of Belarus

    • The Theory of the Finance