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Mick Hagen

designer , developer , entrepreneur

Mick Hagen is an internet entrepreneur, currently the Founder and CEO of Spatch.


He lasted one year at Princeton University.


After Mick's first year at Princeton University, he dropped out to found Zinch.com, a website that connects young people with schools, scholarships and grad school opportunities. Zinch was acquired by Chegg in the Fall of 2011. In total Zinch raised $5mm in venture capital. At the time of the acquisition, Zinch had 80+ employees and had grown to an international, 8-figure revenue-run-rate company that served millions of students and 800+ colleges & universities.

Following the Zinch acquisition, Mick worked on his next startup, Undrip. Undrip was a mobile app that helped people discover the best content from their social feeds. Undrip garnered a lot of buzz for an unorthodox approach to fundraising -- rap. In the fall of 2012, Undrip was selected to present at Techcrunch Disrupt. In 2013, Undrip did another rap campaign, this time raising tens of thousands of dollars for small businesses that were effected by Hurricane Sandy.

Mick is currently the Founder and CEO of Spatch. Spatch is a new decentralized communication protocol built on top of email. The key feature to Spatch is that it enables senders to add metadata to each message depending on the "type" of message being sent. Receivers can then more efficiently process their inboxes as the messages are automatically organized, filtered, and processed.

Mick has been named multiple times to the v100 (Top high tech entrepreneurs in Utah) and Top 40 business persons under 40 by Utah Business Magazine. Mick and his work have been featured in the New York Times, Boston Globe, US News, Washington Post, Inc, BBC, ABC, The Examiner, Chronicle of Higher Education, and Reuters among others.

Mick's writing on entrepreneurship can be found on FounderDiaries.com. His work has been featured in various newspapers and magazines, including Fortune Magazine. Mick wrote the forward for the recently published book, "Getting in! The Zinch Guide to College Admissions & Financial Aid," co-written by bestselling author Steve Cohen.

Mick has been a speaker and panelist at various industry events, business plan competitions, and meetups. He's often invited back to Princeton University to share his experiences in entrepreneurship.

Mick calls San Francisco home but is currently living in London going through Techstars London with Spatch.


  • Red Herring Top 100 North American Tech Startup, United States of America.

    100 (top 100 tech entrepreneurs from Utah), United States of America.

    Top 40 under 40 (business magazine in Utah), United States of America.

    Winner at Princeton Entrepreneurs Network Business Plan Competition, United States of America.

    Winner at Utah Entrepreneur Challenge, United States of America.

    Winner at Brigham Young University e-business competition, United States of America.

    Winner of Utah state sterling scholar award (Computer Science and Overall), United States of America.

    Featured with Zinch in the New York Times, Boston Globe, United States News, American Broadcasting Company, The Examiner, Chronicle of Higher Education, and Reuters among others, United States of America.


  • Other Interests

    Mick loves design, sports, programming and hip hop.