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Mikhail Avksentevich LESECHKO

minister , Deputy Chairman

Mikhail LESECHKO, First Deputy Chairman, USSR State Planning Committee, and USSR minister since 1958. Engineering; Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, since 1961. Member, Communist Party, since 1940.


LESECHKO, Mikhail was born in 1909.


1934 graduated Moscow Aviation Institute.


1961 attended opening of Internet. Agriculture Exhibition, Cairo. 1961 headed Soviet delegation at negotiations with Mali Republic on economics and technican collaboration.

1961 in charge of negotiations in Somali and Moscow for agreement on economics, technican and cultural collaboration. 1934-1948 aircraft engineer and member, Technology Council on Mechanization, USSR Soviet of Ministers. 1948-1954 Director, Moscow Calculating Machine Plant, Head, Special Design Bureau, and in charge of development of first Soviet automatic computer.

1954-1956 First Deputy Minister of Machine-Building and Instrument Manufacture. 1956-1957 Minister of Instrument Manufacture and Automation Media. 1957-1958 Deputy Chairman, Ukrainia State Planning Committee, and Ukrainia minister.


Member, Communist Party, since 1940.


Member, Communist Party, since 1940.