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Mikhail Aleksandrovich Lisitsin

composer , writer

Mikhail Lisitsin, Composer, writer. Composed liturgical music. Literary works: ObzorDukhovno-Muzykal'noi Literatury (110 authors, about 1500works), Petersburg, 1901, О Novom Napravlenii v Russkoi Tserkovnoi Muzyke, Moscow, 1909, and О Drevnikh i Novykh Pesnotvortsakh, Petersburg, 1910.


Lisitsin, Mikhail was born in 1871 in the village of Pochinok, near Smolensk.


Studied architecture at the Darmstadt Higher Technical School, 1909-1914.


Lisitskii, Lazar* Markovich (El Lissitzky)22.11.1890-1830.12.1941. Painter, architect. During the revolution, taught at the Vitebsk Art School, 1919-1920, VKHUTEMAS, 1921, VKHUTEIN, from 1926.

Lived in Germany and Switzerland, 1921-1925. Member of the Dutch arts group de Stijl. Leading exponent of Suprematism.

One of the most talented representatives of world modernist art in the 1920s and 1930s (paintings, posters, design of polygraphic, photographic, stage, architectural art). Produced designs for Soviet pavilions at international exhibitions, 1925-1934.