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Mikhail Vasilevich MARKOV


Mikhail MARKOV, USSR Geobotanist. Doctor of Biological Science since 1939; Professor 1940; Head, Chair of Geobotany, Kazan University, since 1944; Honoured Worker of Science of Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Order of Lenin; Badge of Honor; medals.


MARKOV, Mikhail was born in 1900.


1924 graduated Kazan University and Kazan Institute of Agriculture.


1924-1926 investigated Chistopol Canton, Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, where he collected many specimens for herbaria. 1926 assigned to 2nd All-Union Congress of Botanists. Since 1926 postgrad, student and simultaneously assist, in meadow cultivation, Kazan Agriculture Institute.

1925-1929 directed geobotanical studies in trans-Kama areas of Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. 1930-1932 Head, Chair of Botany, Kazan Agriculture Institute. Simultaneously Head, Chair of Agrobotany and Meadow Cultivation, Institute of Dairy Farming.

1932-1940 Head, Botany Department, Kazan University. 1932 simultaneously directed cataloguing of meadows and pastures of entire Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. 1933 directed geobotanical survey of Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic for kolkhoz and sovkhoz organ, purposes.

1937-1939 at Geobotanical Station, Botany Institute, USSR Academy of Science. 1940-1944 Professor, and Head, Chair of Botany, Kazan University. 1941-1944 surveyed raw-material resources of local flora and took part in expeditions of Main Botanical Gardens, Moscow.

For 11 years was Dean, Biological Faculty, and for several years Pro-Rector for scientific work, Kazan University. Works deal mainly with meadows, weed and forest vegetation and with theoretical aspects of geobotany.


Religion is bad because it stops people thinking in a rational and objective way.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.