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Mikhail Mikhailovich Rozanov


Mikhail Rozanov, USSR Author.


Rozanov, Mikhail was born on October 25, 1902 in Tambov Gouvernement.


Worked asa newspaper reporter in various Russian towns. Fled to Manchuria in1928. Arrested during the Soviet-Chinese war, and sentenced to 10 years in the labour camps.

Inmate of the Solovki camps. Freed 21 June 1941 on the first day of the war in the USSR, and immediately taken into the work battalions run by the NK VD. (There are very few survivors from these battalions, since they were always used in the front-line.) Taken prisoner and became a POW in Germany, and after the war, a Displaced Person. Left Germany for the USA in 1949.

Considered one of the best pre-Solzhenitsyn historians of the Gulag system. His Zavoevate/i Belykh Piaten became a post-war bestseller among Russian readers outside the USSR. Wrote the 3-vol. Solovetskii Kontslager v Monastyre (Solovki Concentration Camp in a Monastery), USA, 1978-1987.

Lives in Buffalo, New York.