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Mikhail Borisovich Shul'man

theatre manager , party official

Mikhail Shul'man, USSR Party official, theatre manager.


Shul'man, Mikhail was born in 1907 in Odessa.


In the late 1920s, worked in the Cheka. Joined the Communist Party, 1926. Moved to Moscow. Became the party secretary in Meyerhold’s theatre.

Official of the Political Section of the Red Army, close to la. B. Gamarnik. One of the organizers and the first director of the Red Army’s Song and Dance Ensemble. Was on tour with the Ensemble in Paris when M. Tukhachevskii was arrested, and Gamarnik committed suicide.

Shul’- man was arrested upon his return to Russia in 1937. All his colleagues in the Political Section were shot (over 80 people). After torture, he had a nervous breakdown and was sent to Kazan’s psychiatric hospital.

Released in 1939, and sent to the Kolyma concentration camps, where he organized a secret group called the ‘real communists’. Released, 1949. Went to L’vov. Re-arrested, 1950. Sentenced to 8 years in the camps.

Spent his term in theVorkuta concentration camps. Released and rehabilitated, 1955. Became a well-known circus expert, and a trainer of dolphins.

Left the USSR, 1973. Lives in Israel.


The hierarchical structure of most religions is anti-democratic, and thus offends basic human rights.


All policy decisions should be made in the light of the continued, permanent development of the theory of Marxism–Leninism.