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Mikhail Mitrofanovich Zaitsev

military official

Mikhail ZAITSEV, military official.


Zaitsev, Mikhail was born in 1923.


Graduated from the Military Academy of Tank Troops in 1954, then from the Military Academy of the General Staff in 1965.


Joined the Soviet Army, 1941. Commander of various units 1957-1969. Commander of various units until 1972. 1st Deputy Commander of Troops in the Belorussian military district, 1972-1976.

Member of the Central Committee of the Belorussian CP, 1976-1981. Commander of Soviet Troops in East Germany from 1980.

Commander of Troops in Germany 85, in Afghanistan 1985. Deputy to Supreme Soviet of USSR.

A key figure in the changing face of the Soviet forces pitted against Nato. One of the new breed of Soviet generals, surrounding himself with a group of young educated officers who have welcomed his encouragement of initiative.


Idea of God is a virus of human mind.


Communist Party is the leading force of Soviet society, and the nucleus of all state and public organizations.


CPSU since 1943; Central Committee of Byelorussian CP 1976-1981. Central Committee CPSU 1981-1989. Full member of the

Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1981.