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Mitchell A. Polinsky

economist , educator

Mitchell A. POLINSKY, economist in the field of Economics of Crime; Industrial

Organisation and Public Policy; Welfare Theory.


POLINSKY, Mitchell A. was born in 1948 in St Louis, Missouri, United States of America.


Bachelor of Arts Harvard University, 1970. Doctor of Philosophy Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., USA, 1973. MSL Yale Law School,



Assistant Professor of Economics, Harvard University, 1973-1979. Russell Sage Foundation Research Law and Social Science, Yale Law School, 1975-1976, Harvard Law School,

7. Assistant Professor Law & Economics, Harvard Law School, 1977-1979.

Professor Law, Association Professor of Economics, Stanford University, Research Association, National Bureau of Economie Research, New York, New York, United States of America, since 1979. Editorial Boards, Supreme Court Economics Review, Yale J. Law, Economics and Organization.


  • Allyn A. Young Prize Economics, Harvard University, 1970. Woodrow Wilson Foundation Honorary Fellow, National Science Foundation, USA Graduate Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., USA, 1970-1971, 1970-1973. Honorary Mention, National Tax Association, USA-TIA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards Program, 1973.

    Member, Law and Social Sciences Advisory Subcomm., National Science Foundation, USA, 1980-1982.



My early work was concerned with issues of urban economics, including local public sector economics and housing demand analysis. After attending Yale Law School, 1975-1976, my research shifted to the so-called ‘new law and economics’. Within this area, my principal interest is the economics of enforcement, broadly defined.

For example, I am concerned with whether antitrust laws should be enforced by private individuals using the treble damage remedy or by public regulators using fines and imprisonment as threats. Similar questions arise in the control of pollution, product quality, and tax evasion, other substantive areas of interest to me. Much of my research in this area is summarised in a nontechnical way in my textbook, An Introduction to Law and Economics.


Member of American Law and Economics Association (board directors 1991-1993, secretary-treasurer 1991-1992, vice president 1992-1993, president 1993-1994).


Married Joan Roberts, June 29, 1945. 2 children.

Joan Roberts