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Mohamad Ali AL-HUMRANY

businessman , President of Al-Humrany Establishment

Mohamad Ali AL-HUMRANY, businessman; President of Al-Humrany Establishment.


AL-HUMRANY, Mohamad Ali was born in 1949 in Cairo, Egypt.


Former Vice-President, Al-Humrany Establishment, dealing in investments, industrial ventures, trading and commerce. Member of Board of Jeddah Industrial Estate, Firaj Rahman & Company. Attended Economic Technological Conference of Middle East Businessmen, Beirut, Lebanon.

Established first drum factory in Saudi Arabia for purpose of lubricant oil filling for PETROMIN. Businessman; President of Al-Humrany Establishment.


This life, then, is a journey that presents to its wayfarers many paths. Only one of these paths is clear and straight. This path is the path of good Muslim life.


  • Other Interests

    Flying, scuba diving, reading.