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Mohamad Saied Salim KARKDAN


Mohamad Saied Salim KARKDAN, Manager, Government Liaison, Saudia-Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation.


KARKDAN, Mohamad Saied Salim was born in 1932 in A1 Wajh, Saudi Arabia.


Diploma of Higher Postal Institute.


Staff Manager, Government Liaison and Air Mail Affairs 1970, Manager, Government Relations 1971, Manager, Government Affairs 1975. Member, Executive Council Meeting of Arab Postal Union 1962. Attended Universal Postal Union (UPU Conference), Vienna 1963, Arab Postal Union, Ninth Conference, Cairo 1971, Arab Postal Union Consultative Council Meeting, Beirut 1973.

Chairman of Air Mail Committee, Arab Air Transport Union. Member of Air Mail Committee, International Air Transport Association. Founder, Charity Fund, A1 Wajh, Saudi Arabia.

Manager, Government Liaison, Saudia-Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation.


  • Political articles in Al Bilad daily 1974.


All prophets called people to the worship of the One God, but the specific prescriptions of the divine laws regulating people's lives varied according to the historic time and consequences people were living under.


  • Other Interests

    Swimming, fishing, reading.