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Moisey Naumovich SHAPIRO

orthopedic surgeon

Moisey SHAPIRO, USSR Orthopedic surgeon. Professor 1936; Honoured Worker of Science of Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1940; consultant, Belarusian Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics and Minsk medical establishments, since 1952. Badge of Honor; medals.


SHAPIRO, Moisey was born in 1884.


1908 graduated Medical Faculty, Kazan. University.


Besides clinical, pedagogics and research work attends surgical and orthopedics congresses, conferences and meetings. Active in affairs of various science society. Honorary member, Belarusian Science Society of Surgeons, Orthopedists and Traumatologists.

Author of over 40 works on traumatology, orthopedics and general surgery. Private medical practice. Worked in Minsk medical establishments and lectured at Minsk dental and medical orderlies’ school.

In World War I army doctor. 1918-1923 doctor in Red Army. 1923-1927 Assistant, Surgical Clinic, Medical Faculty, Belarusian University.

1927-1936 lecturer and Head, Chair of Orthopedics, Belarusian University. Since 1936 Science Director, Belarusian Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, which he founded in collaboration with Professor B. N. Tsypkin. 1941-1945 Chief Surgeon in Kirghizia evacuation hospitals.

Kirghizia Deputy Popular Commissar of Health, and Head, Chair of Hospital Surgery, Kirghizia Medicine Institute. 1946-1952 Chief Surgeon, Belarusian Ministry of Health.