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N.A. Grigor’ev

Guerilla leader

N.A. Grigor’ev, USSR Guerilla leader.


Grigor’ev, N.A. was born in 1891.


Army captain during World War I. Leader of Ukrainian peasant detachments during the Civil War. At first supported the Ukrainian Central Rada, and later Hetman Skoropadski. After his fall, changed over to Petliura in December 1918.

In February 1919, accepted with his partisans into the Red Army, keeping his independent position as Ataman of the partisans of Kherson and Tauria. Fought against the White armies at Nikolaev, Kherson and Odessa. In May 1919, staged an uprising against the Reds, gathering some 20,000 volunteers in the Donbass, and, proclaiming his aim as being ‘Soviets without communists’, gained a large part of Southern Ukraine (Kherson and Ekaterinoslav).

Spoiled the Soviet attempt to send troops to help the Hungarian Soviet Republic, which was consequently defeated by Horthy. After his ‘Greens’ had been defeated by the Red Army in the summer of 1919, joined up with the forces of N. I. Makhno, who, considering him a rival, had him shot.