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Biologist , researcher

Narayanan Narayanan Narayanan, American biologist, researcher. Recipient Certified Merit and Gold medal Proficiency Botany, Loyola College, University Madras, India., 1993-1994; fellow, Rockefeller Foundation, Center Advanced Studies Botany, University Madras, 1998-1999, Rockefeller Foundation, 1999—2001; scholar, All India Senior Secondary Censor Exam Board, 1992-1995. Member of American Society Plant Biologists (associate).


Narayanan, Narayanan Narayanan was born on July 22, 1975 in Trichy, India. Son of Umayal Narayenan.


Doctor of Philosophy, University Madras, India, 2001.


Research associate Iowa State University, Ames, 2001—2004, Baylor College Medicine, Houston, since 2004, Ohio State University, 2007—2008. Research scientist Donald Banform Plan Science Center, St. Louis, since 2008.


  • Achievements include research in improving the productivity of two popular high-yielding indica rice varieties, IR50 and CO39, which is severely, affected by these two major rice diseases. Research in having multiple resistances for blast and blight in these cultivars, these blast-resistant pyramids (Pi-1+ Piz-5) were transformed with the cloned bacterial blight resistance gene Xa21, which is kn. Research in improving soybean against the drastic disease root and stem rot caused by Phytopthora sojae, this pathogencauses over 0.12 million dollars damage annually.

    Research in the gene structure of Rps1-k. Research in isolating soybean genes those are transcriptionally regulated immediately following infection with the pathogen. Research in the expression profiling of various metal homeostasis genes and to perform functional characterization of selected genes to improve mineral nutritional quality of rice grains.

    Research in integrating new methods in genomics, genetics, and molecular biology to identify and understand plant genes of nutritional importance, specifically those related to iron and zinc. Research in the role of metals related genes in metal transport in rice by the heterologous expression in yeast. Research in characterizing temporal and tissue-specific expression of metal homeostasis genes in rice and to study the diverse rice genotypes exhibiting high and low concentrations of these metals because thes.


  • Other Work

    • Contributor scientific papers.


Member of American Society Plant Biologists (associate).


Married Vijaya Pasupatham, August 21, 2002.

Umayal Narayenan Narayanan

Vijaya Pasupatham