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Naum Grigorevicb GIRSHOVICH

Foundry engineer

Naum GIRSHOVICH, USSR Foundry engineer. Professor 1937; Doctor of Technology Science since 1945; Professor, Chair of Foundry Production, Leningrad Polytechn. Institute, since 1937. Badge of Honor.


GIRSHOVICH, Naum was born in 1896.


1924 graduated Metallurgical Faculty, Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute.


1937 on science assignement in United States of America to study US techniques in wrought iron production. Editor, “Spravochnik mastera chugunoliteynogo tsekha” (The Iron Foundry Foreman’s Handbook). Chairman, Iron Founding Section, and Deputy Chairman, Leningrrad Department, Science Engineering and Technology Society of Founders.

Works deal with production and properties of pig iron casts and graphitization theory. 1924-1925 foreman, K. Marx Iron Foundry, Leningrad. 1925-1928 shop superintendent, 1928-1931 Chief Metallurgist, then Chief Engineering, Leningrad “Lepsestroy”.

1931-1937 instructor, Chair of Foundry Production, Leningrad Polytechn. Institute; 1941-1945 worked for USSR defense industrial.