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Nazhmutdin Gotsinskii

Muslim leader , Imam of the Northern Caucasus

Nazhmutdin Gotsinskii, Muslim leader, Imam of the Northern Caucasus.


Gotsinskii, Nazhmutdin was born in 1859 in the aul of Gotso in Daghestan. Son of one of the closest friends and comrades-at-arms of Shamil, the hero of the Caucasian War in the 19th century.


After the February Revolution 1917, joined local government as a mufti (spiritual leader). Proclaimed the 4th Imam of the Northern Caucasus highlanders and fought the Red Army, 1917-1921. After the defeat of his forces in Daghestan, March 1921, fled to Chechnia and continued the resistance.

Taken prisoner by the Reds. Brought to Rostov-on-Don, sentenced to death and shot.