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Nikolai Azbukin Edit Profile

economist , geographer

There is evidence that there was again sentenced in 1937 to one data died in prison in 11/24/1943, according to others - was shot while attempting to cross the southern border of the Soviet Union.

Rehabilitated 15 November 1957 the Supreme Court of the BSSR.


Taught geography and science in Bobruisk school (1917-1921).

He then worked at the Department of Geography Institute of the Belarusian culture and then the Belarusian Academy of Sciences.

One of the organizers of the local history movement in Belarus, the scientific secretary of the Central Bureau of Local History of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences. The first editor of "Our Land."

Author of the reference manual "Geography of Europe" (1924), and several articles on economic geography.


  • Azbukin Nevada populated areas of Western Belarus / / West Belarus. Sat articles MH. 1927. 211. - S. 171-194

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  • Azbukіn MV School map of Belarus. - Mensk, 1925 (h times the A. Smolіcham)

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  • Azbukіn MV Smolіch Associate of Arts Geografіya pas zaeўrapeyskіh kraeў. - Mensk, 1925 (with A. Smolіcham suaўtarstve s)

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  • Maskoўshchyna, Ukraіna, Carpathians, Crimea

  • Paўdnevaya Eўropa

  • Pradmova. Agulny aglyad Eўropy

  • Uskhodnyaya Eўropa

  • Zahodnye Eўropa