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Nikolai Nikolaevich Berezov

choreographer , ballet dancer , ballet teacher

Nikolai Berezov, USSR Ballet dancer, choreographer, ballet teacher.


Berezov, Nikolai was born on May 16, 1906 in Kovno (Kaunas).


Studied ballet in Prague, and danced there until 1930.


Moved to Kaunas where he married. Father of the internationally known British ballerina Svetlana Beriozova. From 1935-1938, one of the leading dancers with Rene Blum’s Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.

From 1944, a choreographer with the International Ballet. In 1948 with the London Metropolitan Ballet, from1950-1951 with La Scala, from 1951 — 54 with the London Festival Ballet and from 1956 with the Ballet de Marquis de Cuevas. Chief choreographer of the Stuttgart Ballet, 1957-1959.

In Helsinki 1962-1964, Zurich 1964-1971, and Naples 1971-1973, where he staged his production of Giselle with E. Maksimova and V. Vasiliev. Lectured at Bloomington University, Indiana, 1975-1981. Continued to stage his ballet productions all over the world.