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Nikolai Nikolaevich Cherepnin

composer , conductor

Nikolai Cherepnin, USSR Composer, conductor.


Cherepnin, Nikolai was born on May 15, 1873 in Petersburg.


Studied at the Petersburg Conservatory. Pupil of N. Rimskii-Korsakov.


Professor of conducting at the Conservatory, 1908-1912. S. Prokofev was one of his pupils. Operatic conductor at the Petersburg People’s House, 1908-1914.

Conductor with Diaghilev’s company in Paris, 1909, 1911,1912. Taught at the Tiflis Music School, 1918-1921. Emigrated. Settled in Paris, 1921.

His music is in the classical tradition of the Beliaevskii Kruzhok. Also influenced by French impressionism and by the music of R. Strauss.