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Nikolai Afanas'evich Kriuchkov

film actor

Nikolai Kriuchkov, USSR Film actor.


Kriuchkov, Nikolai was born on January 6, 1911 in into a working class family.


Studied under the guidance of Il’ia Sudakov, Nikolai Khmelev and Igor Savchenko.


Popular film actor. As a young worker came to the Moscow Young Worker's Theatre after some experience in amateur theatre groups. Discovered by film director, Boris Barnet, who in 1933 gave him a small part in Outside the City produced by Mezhrabpomfilm in Moscow. Worked with other famous directors: Leonid Trauberg, Grigorii Kozintsev, Sergei Iutkevich, Sergei Gerasimov.

Made over 150 films. Best in comedies. Films include: Right By the Blue Sea (1936, Barnet), Maksim’s Return (1937, Kozintsev and Trauberg), The Man With the Rifle (1938, Iutkevich), The Tractor Drivers (1939, Ivan Pyriev), Kotovskii (1943, Faintsimer), Three Encounters (1950, Iutkevich, Pudovkin, Ptushko), Sadko (1953, Ptushko), The Rumiantsev Case (1956, Kheifits), The Hussar Ballad (1962, Riazanov), The Marriage of Balzaminov (1965, Voinov), There Lived an Old Man and Old Woman (1965, Chukhrai).