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Nikolai Makarovich Petrov


Nikolai Petrov, USSR Photographer.


Petrov, Nikolai was born in 1892. Son of a peasant from the village of Korsakovo, now Kostroma Oblast’.


Studied news photography under 2 well-known reporters of the old school, A.Saveliev and K.Kuznetsov.


Took up photography at the age of 20. Trainee at the Scherrer and Nabholtz Photographic Studio in Moscow. After finishing his training, worked as a laboratory technician.

Served in the army during World War I, was a soldier in the Red Army after the Revolution 1917, and subsequently instructor in the agitation platoons of the Central Executive Committee. In 1924, became a photographer on Izveslia, remaining with the paper for the rest of his working life. Took part in the 1926, 1927 and 1928 exhibitions, 10 Years of Soviet Photography.

During World War II was a front-line photo reporter for Izveslia. Produced many illustrated books in colour, also many propaganda stories, such as The V. I. Lenin Volga-Don Сапа!(л Gulag enterprise).