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Nikolai Pavlovich Shlein


Nikolai Shlein, USSR Artist.


Shlein, Nikolai was born in 1873.


Studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, 1889-1919, under V.Serov, also at the Petersburg Academy of Arts, 190003, and later in Paris.


Genre, portrait and landscape artist. Exhibited from 1892. Exhibitions: Spring Exhibitions at the Academy of Arts, 1897-1913, MOLKH, 1898-1910, MTKH, 1899, TPKHV, 1900-1922, Repin Society of Artists, Moscow, 1928. In Iaroslavl’ from 1939.

Personal jubilee exhibition, Moscow, 1940. 40-Years Work, Kostroma, 1941.