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Nikolay Ivanovich Bazylyov Edit Profile

professor of economy

Bazylyov Nikolay Ivanovich belarusian scientist-economis, Doctor of Economics, professor. Author more than 150 scientific articles and 20 monographic researches. He participated in creation about 30 textbooks and manuals, including 17 – with a signature stamp of the Ministry of Education of Republic of Belarus.


Studied perfectly, went in for sports, He became the member of team of the republic on track and field athletics, the champion униаерситета in sprint. Being the student of a treoy course, applies in the Ministry of Education for permission to pass individual specialization in political economy. In 1963 successfully defends the thesis and arrives in postgraduate study on chair of political economy in BSU,


In 1994 N.I.Bazylevs invited to work in BGEU the head of the department of the economic theory. Since 2004 is the professor of this chair. The Doctor of Economics (1988), has an academic status of the professor (1989).


  • book

    • Bases of Marketing (1993)

    • Business and management( 1992)

    • Bases of commercial activity(1994)

    • Bases of management(1993)

    • Nationalization of production and development of the relations of property(1983)

    • Economic theory: questions of development and methodology in a transition period(1981)

    • Development of the socialist agrarian relations(1974)

  • monograph

    • Formation of the economic theory in the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics(1975)