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Nikolay Gavrilovich DROZDOV

electronic engineer

Nikolay DROZDOV, USSR Electronic engineer. Doctor of Technology Science and Professor 1947; Head, Chair of Electrotechn. Materials and Cables, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, since 1946; Chief Editor, journal “Elektrichestvo” (Electricity), since 1954. Order of Red Banner of Labor; medals.


DROZDOV, Nikolay was born in 1900.


1929 graduated Plekhanov Institute of National Economics, Moscow. 1929 graduated Physico-Mathematical Faculty, Moscow University. 1929-1934 postgrad, student, Chair of High Voltage Engineering, Moscow Power Engineering Institute.


While postgrad, student Production Management, Moscow “Izolit” Plant. 1934-1947 lecturer, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, and until 1939 read course on electrotechn. materials. 1939-1946 first in Moscow to read course on the physics of dielectrics.

Since 1935 simultaneously engaged in study of static electricity. 1940 took active part in establishing new specialized subject of electrical insulation engineer at Moscow Power Engineering Institute.