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Nikolay Matveevich KABANOV

Hydrobiologist , algologist and hydrochemist

Nikolay KABANOV, USSR Hydrobiologist, algologist and hydrochemist. Candidate of Biological Science since 1938; senior associate, Moscow Institute of General and Communal Hygiene, USSR Academy of Medical Science, since 1946.


KABANOV, Nikolay was born in 1902 in Moscow.


1926 graduated Biological Department, Physico-Mathematical Faculty, Moscow University, specializing in descriptive botany.


Specialist in morphology and systematics of lower plants. 1924-1926 discovered new type of biocenosis - microscopic community of the psammonae in the bed of the Oka River. Was first to describe this community, which has a green coloration due to presence of algae.

1939-1941 developed several methods of studying “bioflux” of rivers and of making quantative estimates of net seton. Established ratio between biomass among various higher water plants and percentage of dry matter contained in them. Accompanied expeditions to study reservoirs and lakes in: 1928-1929 Ivanovo Oblast.

1929-1941 Gorky Oblast. 1933 Kirov Oblast and Komi-Permyatsy National Okrug. 1934 Mari Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

1946-1948 to Klyazma Reservoir on Moskva Canal. 1948-1949 to Volga River. 1949 to ponds and reservoirs in steppe regions along Manych River, Rostov Oblast.

1924-1931 associate, Oka Biological Station, first in Murom, then in Nizhniy Novgorod. 1931-1932 at Nizhniy Novgorod Limnological Institute. 1932-1934 Deputy Science Director, Gorky Hydrological Institute.

1932-1933 hydrobiological Assistant, Gorky Civil Engineering Institute. 1934-1936 associate, Volga Department, Gorky Hydrological Institute. 1940-1941 lecturer in hydrobiology and principles of hydrology, Gorky University.