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Nikolay Nikolaevich KETSKHOVELI

Botanist and geographer

Nikolay KETSKHOVELI, USSR Botanist and geographer. Doctor of Biological Science since 1937; Professor; full member and Presidium member, Georgia Academy of Sciences, since 1941; Honoured Worker of Science of Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1945. Member, Communist Party, since 1940.


KETSKHOVELI, Nikolay was born in 1897 in village Tkviavi, Georgia, United States.


1925 graduated Tiflis University.


1921-1923 laboratory Assistant, Tiflis Botanical Gardens. 1923-1926 laboratory Assistant, Chair of Botany, 1923-1929 Assistant, 1929-1930 lecturer, Tiflis University. 1930-1933 Dean, Biological Faculty, and Professor, of Botany, Pedagogical Institute.

Also Head, Chair of Botanies of following institutes. Georgia Agriculture Institute, Subtropical Institute and other higher education institutions. 1933-1945 Professor, and Head, Faculty of Botany, Dean, Faculty of Natural Science (later Faculty of Biology), and since 1945 Rector, Tbilisi University.

1933-1938 simultaneously Science Organizer and Director,Department of Geobotany, Tbilisi Botanical Institute. 1942-1956 Chairman,Department of Agriculture Science, Georgia Academy of Sciences. Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1950 convocation.

Headed many geobotanical expeditions. Author of works on zonality of cultivated flora of Georgia and species composition of field weeds, their biology and the campaign against them.


There is no conclusive logical argument for the existence of God. His existence is continuously debated.


Member, Communist Party, since 1940.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.


Member, Communist Party, since 1940.