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Nikolay Nikolaevich KULESHOV Edit Profile


Nikolay KULESHOV, USSR Phytologist. Professor, Kharkov Agriculture Institute, since 1945; full member, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences, since 1951.


KULESHOV, Nikolay was born in 1890.


1913 graduated Kiev Polytechn. Institute.


Specialist in seed-growing, methods of control-seed studies and origin, systematics and biology of corn. 1915-1920 at Kharkov Agriculture Experimental Station. 1918-1926 at Ukrainia Central Seed-Growing Station.

1922-1926 simultaneously at Kharkov Agriculture Institute. 1925-1933 at All-Union Institute of Phytoculture. 1938-1945 Professor, Omsk Agriculture Institute.

1948-1951 corresponding member, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences.


Religious moral codes pervert people outside their group as less moral. Thus, religion is socially divisive and its effect is harmful for society.


Every person has rights to express his or her opinion, but the opinion could be expressed if it was in accordance with the general interests of Soviet society.