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Nikolay Nikitich PALGOV


Nikolay PALGOV, USSR Geographer. Full member, Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences, since 1954; Head, Geography Section, Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences, since 1946; Professor, Kazakhstan University, Alma-Ata, since 1957.


PALGOV, Nikolay was born in 1889.


Chairman, Kazakhstan Branch, All-Union Geography Society. Bureau member, Geography Section, Kazakhstan Society for the Dissemination of Political and Science Knowledge. 1960 Executive Editor, monograph “Voprosy geografii Kazakhstana” (Problems of Geography in Kazakhstan).

Conducted research on glacial areas of following mountain ranges: Transport-Ili Alatau, Dzhungar Alatau, Kokshaal Alatau, etc. Studies past and present glaciation and conducts research on Kazakhstan glacial water resources. 1913-1918 topographer on various resettlement board in Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

1918-1920 in Semirechensk Popular Mountain Union. 1920-1940 in statistical and other organization. 1940-1946 association, Kazakhstan Branch, USSR Academy of Science.

1953-1954 instructor, 1954-1956 Professor, Kazakhstan Women's Pedagogical Institute.


There is no solid or tangible evidence for God nor a logical argument for God. The existence of God is taken on faith and not by evidence.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.