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Member of the Bundestag

Nils DIEDERICH, German Member of the Bundestag. German Society For Sociology; Study Group on Social Science Institutes; German Unification of Political Science; Workers’ Welfare; Union of Public Services, Transport and Traffic.


DIEDERICH, Nils was born on April 25, 1934 in Berlin-Zehlendorf.


Free University of Berlin, economics, sociology and sinology, 1953-1962. Economics Diploma, 1960. Doctor rer. pol., 1964.


Member, German Socialist Youth, 1946-1961. Deputy District Chairman, Member, Regional Committee. Deputy Regional Chairman, Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (Social Democratic Party of Germany).

Regional Treasurer, 1967-1974, Member, District Ordained Assembly, Berlin-Zehlendorf. Scientific assistant, Free University of Berlin, 1957. Head of Department, Academic Council, 1967.

Academic Director, 1970. Professor of Political Science, Free University of Berlin, 197I-. Leader, Planning Branch, Berlin Mayor's Office, 1971-1976.

Managing Director, Central Institute for Economic Research of Free University, since 1987. Scientific Director, Bonn Information Centre for Social Science, 1989-1990.


German Society For Sociology. Study Group on Social Science Institutes. German Unification of Political Science.

Workers’ Welfare; Union of Public Services, Transport and Traffic.