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Nils Olof Thorbjörn Fälldin Edit Profile

farmer , prime minister

Thorbjörn Fälldin is a Swedish politician.


Largely self-educated, Fälldin passed his examination for leaving school in 1945


Thorbjorn Fälldin became Prime Minister in 1976 by defeating Olof Palme and a social democracy that held the government for 44 years.The question of nuclear power was decided due to his efforts. Power Changes became a natural part of Swedish politics. During the period 1976-1982 Fälldin led three different governments. Nuclear power was a disputable question. Structural problems in the Swedish business community and a deep economic crisis were other challenges. The Soviet submarine that was discovered at Gåsefjärden in 1981 became Fälldin's serious international challenge.Fälldin was accused of having betrayed his promise of settlement the nuclear power conflict. The Swedish Centre Party lost heavily in several elections. Fälldin left of his own party in 1985.


The Centre Party (Sweden) maintains close ties to rural Sweden and describes itself as "a green social liberal party". The ideology is sometimes called agrarian, but in a European context, the Centre Party can perhaps best be characterised as social liberal, focusing on agricultural, environmental, and rural questions. Long-term key issues have been opposition to nuclear power and proposals to decentralise governmental authority.