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Nina Nikolaevna Berberova

literary scholar , author , poet

Nina Berberova, USSR Author, literary scholar,poet.


Berberova, Nina was born in 1901. Daughter of a professor of the Lazarevskii Institute of Oriental Languages.


Emigrated after the October Revolution 1917. Married (later divorced) the poet and critic V.Khodasevich. Her husband was close to M.Gor’kii and they often visited him on Capri.

Before World War II, lived mostly in Paris. Wrote poetry, short stories and biographies (e.g. of Tchaikovskii). After World War II, worked for the Russian newspaper Russkaia Mysl in Paris, and reported on the Kravchenko libel case.

Moved to USA, November 1950. Taught Russian literature at Princeton, Yale and Columbia universities. In her memoirs, Kursiv moi, described the Russian literary life in the West betweenthe wars.