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Nina Borisovna MEDVEDEVA


Nina MEDVEDEVA, USSR Pathophysiologist. Professor 1932; Doctor of Medicine Science; corresponding member, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences, since 1939; senior physiologist and Department Head, Bogomolets Institute of Physiology, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences; Honoured Worker of Science of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1941.


MEDVEDEVA, Nina was born in 1900 in Saratov.


1924 graduated Medical Faculty, Saratov University.


Member, Editorial Board, “Mcdychny zhurnal” (Medical Journal), Ukrainia Academy of Sciences. Chairman, Library Council, Bogomolets Institute of Physiology, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences. Studies effects of tiredness on tissue metabolism under normal conditions and with disturbance of the functional state of some organs.

Established the limit of permissible muscle loading in liver and kidney insufficiency. Does research on blood transfusion and studies its effect on the recipient’s body. Studies autocatalytic function of the lungs, liver, lymph nodes and spleen and changes in tissue proteins in old age.

Proved experimentally that antireticular cytotoxic serum affects the change in the tissues’ nitrogen and protein composition and has a rejuvenating effect on the elderly. Isolated a new cortical hormone from the adrenal cortex. Suggested that the presence of desoxydative carbonuria be regarded as an early symptom in the diagnosis of cancer.

Compiled a bibliography on pathological physiology and endocrinology. Author of over 160 works on normal and pathological physiology, including 5 monographs and 6 sections of a manual on pathological physiology. 1925-1931 Assistant, then lecturer, Chair of Pathological Physiology, 2nd Moscow Medicine Institute.

1931-1946 Head,Department of Pathology, Kiev Institute of Experimental Biology and Pathology, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences.


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