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Norbert GEIS

Member of the Bundestag

Norbert GEIS, German Member of the Bundestag.


GEIS, Norbert was born on January 13, 1939 in Großwallstadt, West Germany.


Classical secondary school Aschaffenburg. Study of philosophy, theology, law. First state exam in law, 1966.

Second state exam in law, 1969.


Research assistent, Federal Parliament (Bundestag). District chairman, JU, 1970. Mayor, Edelbach, 1971-1972.

District chairman, Christlich Soziale Union (Christian Social Union), district of Aschaffenburg, since 1972. Member of district assembly, Aschaffenburg, since 1972. Member of municipal council, KJeinkahl-Edelbach, until 1978.

Member of regional parliament, Bayern, 1981 -85. Member of Bundestag, Aschaffenburg, since 1987. Lawyer, law practice in Aschaffenburg, since 1970.