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Norman Dennis Newell

educator , Geologist , Museum curator , paleontologist

Norman NEWELL, American palaeontologist and geologist. Medal 1960; Medal 1966; Medal for Achievement in Science 1978; Medal 1979 and A; Award 1987. University of Kansas 1934-1937; N.A.S., American Academy, of Arts and Sciences! American Philosophical Society, Geological Society of America, London Geological Society, Paleontology Society.


Newell, Norman Dennis was born on January 27, 1909 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Son of Virgil Bingham and Nellie (Clark) Newell.


Bachelor of Science, University Kansas, 1929. Master of Arts, University Kansas, 1931. Doctor of Philosophy in Geology, Yale University, 1933.


Faculty member University Kansas, Lawrence, 1934-1937. Associate professor geology University Wisconsin-Madison, 1937-1945. Professor geology Columbia University, New York City, 1945-1977, professor emeritus, 1977—2005.

Curator American Museum National History, 1945-1977, curator emeritus, 1977—2005. Geologist Kansas Geological Survey, Lawrence, 1929-1937. Consultant on petroleum geology Peruvian Government, 1942-1945.


Member National Academy of Sciences (Mary Clark Thompson medal 1960), American Philosophical Society, American Academy Arts and Sciences, American Association Petroleum Geolologists (special award 1996), Geological Society of America (Penrose medal 1990), Society Study Evolution (president 1949), Society Systematic Zoology (president 1972-1973), Paleontological Society (president 1960-1961, medal 1979), Canada Society Petroleum Geologists (honorary).


  • Other Interests

    Geologic field expeditions.


Married Valerie Zirkle, February 25, 1928 (deceased 1972). Married Gillian Wendy Wormall, April 28, 1973.

Virgil Bingham Newell

Nellie (Clark) Newell

Valerie Zirkle

Gillian Wendy Wormall