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Oleg Ilgizovich Husaenov Edit Profile

entrepreneur , patron

One of the largest businessmen of the CIS, the founder of "Zubr Capital", the first company managing private equity funds in Belarus,and the international automobile holding "Atlant-M". In 2011 took the 490th place in "The rating of the Russian billionaires" according to the Finance magazine. Oleg Husaenov is in "the TOP of 200 successful and influential businessmen of Belarus 2016" according to the Ezhednevnik portal and is in the 23rd place.


Husaenov Oleg Ilgizovich was born in Kostanay, Kazakhstan.


In 1988 graduated from Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation, Faculty of the Aviation and Radio-electronic Equipment. Specialty "Electronics Engineer".


In 1988 Oleg was sent to the Minsk plant of refrigerators as the young specialist where worked as the engineer till 1990. Since 1990-1991 held the Director's position in the Youth production center "Atlant".In October, 1991 transformed MPTs "Atlas" to the Broker House of "Atlant-M". From 1991 to 2011 held a position of the CEO of "Atlant-M", the international automobile holding. In 2011 left the post of the CEO of the holding. Now he holds the post of the Chairman of the board of "Atlant-M". In 2010 founded "Zubr Capital", the first company managing private equity funds in Belarus. Today Zubr Capital is the unique private equity fund in Belarus. Since 2012 has the status of the investment agent of the Republic of Belarus. Today Zubr Capital is the core business of Oleg Husaenov.


The chairman of the Belarusian federation of rowing. Member of the board of trustees of the National art museum of the Republic of Belarus.


  • Other Interests

    Memoirs and history of business in the 20th century, rowing, mountain skiing, the Cuban cigars, fishing, works of modern Belarusian artists.


He is married, and has got four sons and a daughter.