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Oleg Sergeevich Prokofiev


Oleg Prokofiev, USSR Artist.


Prokofiev, Oleg was born in 1928 in Paris.


Studied at the Moscow Art School, 1944-1947. Pupil of Robert Falk, the Russian post-impressionist, 1949-1952.


Returned to Moscow with his father, Sergei Prokofiev in June 1936. From 1953-1955, worked on his thesis on art in India. Worked at the Institute of History of the Arts, Moscow.

Wrote Indian Art, 1964, and The Art of South-East Asia, 1967, but was never allowed to visit the countries of his research. Exhibited from 1958, including the Young Artists, Moscow, 1964. Left the Soviet Union for England.

Married Camilla Gray, a researcher and writer on Russian art of the period from 1870-1930. Received the Gregory Fellowship in Painting at Leeds University, 1971-1972. Lived in Paris, 1977-1978.

His wife died on a research trip to Soviet Georgia. Visited the USA, 1977, and turned to working on wood and metal sculptures. Exhibitions in the West: Gallery Coard, Paris, 1975, Surrey University, Guildford, the London Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Northern Artists Gallery, Harrogate, 1977.

Lives in Greenwich, London.