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Biologist and histologist

Olga LEPESHINSKAYA, USSR Biologist and histologist. Professor; Doctor of Medicine Science; full member, USSR Academy of Medical Science, since 1950; Head, Laboratory of Cytology, Institute of Experimental Biology, USSR Academy of Medical Science, since 1957. Stalin Prize, 1950; Order of Lenin; Order of Red Banner of Labor; medals. Member, Communist Party, since 1898.


LEPESHINSKAYA, Olga was born in 1871.


1897 graduated Rozhdestvensky Medicine Orderlies’s Courses in St. Petersburg. 1902 graduated Medical Faculty, Lausanne University. 1906 attended women’s private medical courses in Moscow.

1915 qualified as doctor at Medicine Faculty, Moscow University.


Specialized in noncellular forms of living matter. 1894 member of a Marxist circle. 1897-1900 exiled to Siberia with her husband, revolutionary Lepeshinsky.

1899 attended Assembly of Political Marxist Exiles at which Lenin expounded his views on teachings of economists and suggested a program for combating them. 1903 voluntarily followed her husband into exile at Minusinsk, where she organized his escape. 1903-1906 cmigrg in Geneva where she worked with group of emigrd Bolsheviks.

1915-1919 suspended from Moscow University on political grounds. Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1950 convocation. Member, Editor Board, journal “Uspekhi sovremennoy biologii” (Progress in Modern Biology).

Member, Editor Council, journal “Arkhiv anatomii, gistologii i epidcmiologii” (Archives of Anatomy, Histology and Epidemiology). Works deal with living matter of noncellular structure and its role in the body and other works which were criticized in 1955. 1915-1919 Assistant, Chair of Therapy, Moscow University.

Then district doctor at a railroad station near Moscow. Worked for some time in Crimea. 1919-1920 Assistant, Chair of Histology, Tashkent University.

1920-1926 Assistant, Chair of Histology, 1st Moscow University. 1926-1936 Director, Histological Laboratory, Biological Institute, Timiryazev Communist Academy, now All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine. 1936-1949 Head, Cytological Laboratory, All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine.

1949-1957 Head,Department of Development of Living Matter, Institute of Experimental Biology, USSR Academy of Science.


Religion is always aggressive against any new scientific ideas.


Member, Communist Party, since 1898.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.


Member, Communist Party, since 1898.