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Paolo Tonella Edit Profile

Engineer , researcher

Paolo Tonella, Italian engineer, researcher. Registered professional engineer.


Tonella, Paolo was born on March 5, 1968 in Treviso, Italy, Italy. Son of Franco Tonella and Wanda Zaccarin.


Laurea, University Padova, Italy, 1992. Doctor of Philosophy, University Padova, Italy, 1999.


Researcher International Trade Commission-Irst, Trento, Italy, since 1994. Lecturer University Trento, Italy, since 2001. Lecturer TecnoPadova, Italy, 1997—1999, University Brescia, Italy, 2000—2001, University Trento, Italy, 2001—2002.

Technician SIA Clone Detection project International Trade Commission-Irst, 1998—1998, technician ITALO European project, 1999—2000, technician European Organization of Nuclear Research Code Analysis project, 2000—2002.


  • Registered professional engineer.


  • Other Work

    • Author: (scientific paper) Paolo Tonella, 'Concept Analysis for Module Restructuring', Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Transactions on Software Engineering, volunteer 27, n. 4, pp. 351-363, April 2001.

      , 2001, G. Antoniol, B. Caprile, A. Potrich and P. Tonella, 'Design-Code Traceability for Object Oriented Systems'. Annals of Software Engineering, volunteer 9, pp. 35-58, 2000.

      , 2000, G. Antoniol, P. Tonella, 'Electroencephalogram Data Compression Techniques', Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Transactions On Biomedical Engineering, pp. 105-114, volunteer 44, n. 2, February, 1997.

      , 1997, F. Ricca and P. Tonella, "Analysis and Testing of Web Applications", Proceedings of ICSE'2001, International Conference on Software Engineering, pp. 25-34, Toronto, Canada, May 12-19, 2001., 2001, P. Tonella, G. Antoniol, R. Fiutem and E. Merlo, 'Flow Insensitive C++Pointers and Polymorphism Analysis and its Application to Slicing'.

      Proceedings of ICSE'1997, pp. 433-443, Boston, Massachussets, United States of America, May 17-23, 1997., 1997.


Married Gaia Dondana. 1 child Chiara.

Franco Tonella

Wanda Zaccarin

Gaia Dondana

Chiara Tonella