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Park Geun-hye

politician , president of state

Park Geun-hye became the first female president in the history of the Republic of Korea. Was the leader of the Grand National Party in 2004-2006 and 2011-2012, (the party changed its name to "Saenuri" in February 2012), the daughter of Park Chung-hee, president of South Korea in 1963-1979. Elected President of the Republic of Korea in the elections in 2012, took office on Feb. 25, 2013.


Born on February 2, 1952 in Daegu, was the first child of the marriage of the future president Park Chung-hee and Yuk Young-soo (1925-1974), later, the family had a son - Park Ji Man and daughter - Pak Se Yong.


Park Geun-hye graduated in 1970 from high school in Seoul, and then received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Seoul National University Soga in 1974. Subsequently, Park Geun-hye received a Honoris causa from the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan in 1987, Korea's leading scientific and technological institute KAIST in 2008 and the University of Lagos in 2010.

In 1981, Park Geun-hye studied at the Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary, where she studied Christianity for one semester, and then devoted herself to a political career.


In the period until 2008, Park Geun-hye was elected to Parliament three times in this district. Last time she was elected to parliament in 2008, the validity of its parliamentary powers expired in April 2012, after which it announced that it would no longer stand for parliament.

In 2004-2006 she headed the Grand National Party. During this period, representatives of the PRC have won more than 40 different levels of the election, many political analysts attributed solely to the merits of Park Geun-hye, received the unofficial title of "Queen of the election".

In 2007, Park planned to nominate her candidacy for president, but internal party elections was defeated by Lee Myung-bak, who later won the presidential election.

In 2011, due to falling popularity rating PVA, the party has formed the Emergency Committee and changed its name to saenuri, which means "party of new horizons." December 19, 2011 Park Geun-hye has been appointed chairman of the Emergency Committee, the de facto leader of the party. After that, the parliamentary elections in 2012 won a landslide victory saenuri, which contributed to the advancement of Park Geun-hye as a candidate for the 2012 presidential elections.

In the parliamentary elections of 2012. Park Geun-hye led the party to a landslide victory: the party won a majority in parliament (152 out of 300). This has contributed to the consolidation of the positions Park Geun-hye in the party as a potential candidate for the presidential elections.

The election of the presidential candidate of the party "Saenuri" held on August 20, 2012. Park Geun-hye won her competitors with a considerable gap, received 83.97% of votes (86 589 103 118) and was elected as a presidential candidate of the party.

In the elections of December 19 Park Geun-hye won 51.55% of the votes and became the first female president in the history of the Republic of Korea.


  • 절망은 나를 단련시키고 희망은 나를 움직인다 [Despair Trains Me and Hope Moves Me] (in Korean)

  • 나의 어머니 육영수 [My mother, Yuk Young-soo] (in Korean)

  • 결국 한 줌, 결국 한 점 [In the End Only a Fistful, One Speck] (in Korean)

  • 고난을 벗 삼아 진실을 등대삼아 [Befriending Adversity, Truth as the Guiding Light] (in Korean)

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Her aims and proposals appear with the aim of leading the country towards a more caring society and government than has been the case throughout, perhaps, all the years of its existence.


Park Geun-hye won the sympathy of the religious leaders of the country during the visit of Buddhists, Protestants and Catholics.

Unlike their predecessors, Park Geun-hye was able to avoid collisions due to her unique origin.

Park Geun-hye calls herself an atheist, although she received the Christian name at baptism, when she was in Sogang University in Seoul a few decades ago. Her aides say she does not attend Sunday services.

They also reported that the daughter of the late President Park Chung-hee has strong ties with the Buddhist tradition, thanks to the influence of his mother Yuk Young-soo, who was a devout Buddhist. According to her aides, she is also close to some influential Protestants.


She has a strong character, a male spirit and intelligence, she is dominated leadership.

She never studied political science at the University, her education in general is a little concerned in politics: technology, chinese culture and religion (christianity).

Answers to the questions are clearly, intelligently and most importantly - competent. This is another side of her strengths, which are to appreciate the older generation, as according to the statistics of elections, the vast majority of her voters was the older generation.


She was never married, she has no children.