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Patrick Soon-Shiong Edit Profile

also known as Chinese: 陈颂雄pinyin: Huáng Xīnxiáng

businessman , professor , researcher , Surgeon

Patrick Soon-Shiong is a researcher, surgeon and businessman. He is also a professor at the University of California in Los Angeles. Shiong started his own foundation and medical institute. Shiong is currently the CEO and Chairman of Chan Soon-Shiong Institute and Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation. He is the Wealthiest man in the health care industry.


Patrick Soon-Shiong was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. His parents were Chinese immigrants who ran from China during World War II. Patrick is Hakka. It is a sub-ethnic group of Chinese people whose ancestral homes are chiefly from the Hakka-speaking provincial areas of Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan, Zhejiang, Hainan and Guizhou.


Patrick graduated from high school at age 16, received his MBBCh medical degree at age 23 from the University of Witwatersrand. Soon-Shiong completed his medical internship at Johannesburg’s General Hospital. He then studied at the University of British Columbia, where he earned a MSc degree and received research awards from the American College of Surgeons, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada,. and the American Association of Academic Surgery. He initiated his surgical training at University of California, Los Angeles.


Patrick Soon-Shiong has been hard at work building his NantWorks health empire. The company aims to connect all of a patient's health data and leverage it with genetic information to revolutionize the healthcare experience.Shiong is currently the CEO and Chairman of Chan Soon-Shiong Institute and Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation. He is the Wealthiest man in the health care industry. He always looked to cure cancer. Patrick Soon Shiong founded Nant Works, which works on new cancer therapies. He initially founded Nant Health in the year 2007, an infrastructure that shares information of health care. In the year 2013, he also founded Nant Omics which works to develop cancer drugs.


  • Founded Nant Omics and Nant Health are part of Umbrella Organizations – Nant Works. His work and research towards cancer treatment was recognized by many international and national awards.


  • Medicine

    • Abraxane

      (Abraxane is a drug which became the top medicine for trea...)


Patrick Soon-Shiong tries to win cancer completely. He attempted cell transplantation for treating diabetes. He is also a well-known philanthropist. Soon-Shiong and his wife, Michele B. Chan, fund several health-related projects through the Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation.

Quotations: The foundations and the intent of the Affordable Care Act are laudable. The way it's being implemented is a disaster


  • the Board of Directors of the Mendez National Institute of Transplantation

    the Mendez National Institute of Transplantation , United States

  • Chairman

    the National Coalition for Health Integration , United States

  • Executive Director

    the UCLA Wireless Health Institute , United States


Patrick enjoy helping people.He with his wife funded many health care projects as part of their Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation.Shiong is the member of Giving Pledge. He donated $136 million to St. John’s Health Center of Santa Monica, California and $5 million for patient care development to University of Chicago. Soon-Shiong plans to give away at least half his fortune.


Patrick Soon Shiong is married to Michele B Chan who was an actress. He has two children.