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Paul R. Sung (Sung Ju-hai)

public welfare worker

Paul R. Sung was a Chinese public welfare worker.


Mr. Sung was born in Anking, Anhwei, China in 1891.


He studied in the University of Nanking in 1910-1916 and the University of Chicago, U.S.A. in 1927-1928.


Paul R. Sung was a physical director in National Teacher's College, National Commercial College and Chung Hwa University, Wuchang, Hupeb. He also took a post of general secretary, Y.M.C.A. (Young Men's Christian Association), Wuchang, China in 1917-1927, promoter of modern athletics and competitive games in Central China honorary secretary, China Amateur Athletic Federation in 1924-1933. He was China's first delegate to the IX World's Olympic Games at Amsterdam, Holland in 1928.

Mr. Sung was an author of the World's Olympics in Chinese, published by the Commercial Press 1930. Then he was appointed general secretary of the Hankow Y.M.C.A. upon his return from Europe in 1929, one of the original promoters of the Cosmopolitan Club of Wuhan, and served as the honorary secretary for the said club, chartered member of the Rotary Club of Hankow, member on the China Committee of the International Institute for Educational Cinematograph of the League of Nations, member of the Hankow Municipal Board of Councillors, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chung Shan Park in Hankow, china and Camp Director of the Yangtse Valley Camp.